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Lenore Rattray

Front page of a yellowing newspaper, the Sunday Province, shows full-page coverage of Lenore's ordeal. The headline reads in large, black all-caps: Deliverance. A graduation photo of a smiling Lenore is next to text that reads "Lenore Rattray is free after her eight-day hostage ordeal; Second woman also rescued after kidnapping". A secondary headline at the bottom of the page in orange reads "Eco-warriors strike B.C."

Front Page “Fame”

Have you ever imagined yourself as “famous”? What did it look like…and what did you imagine yourself being known for?

A child's colour pencil drawing on a piece of white paper against a black background shows a yellow castle and an orange princess. The text below the image says" When you change the beginning of the story, you change the whole story. - Dr Dimitri Christakis (Artist credit to Wee Lenore)

Once Upon a Time…

If you were given the chance to tell your story, what would you say? How would you begin? Would you start with…once upon a time?

Who Has Your Back?

What is the worst thing that you could ever imagine happening to you? How would you get through it? Who would be there to help you?

The Impact of Being Lost

Do you ever feel lost? Not knowing what to focus on next…or, just completely unable to tap into your get-up-and-go? I can totally relate…I literally was a missing person / victim of crime…and, (also LITERALLY) lost to the world.

Telling Scary Stories

What was the scariest story you ever heard?…or felt? …or experienced? Were you a child? Was there a bad guy?

Coming Alive…and Thriving

I did something recently that I told myself I would never do again…and, pretty much right away regretted it. I GOOGLED A HEALTH QUESTION.

Top Topics: Is Suffering Universal?

In the lead up to this year’s International Women’s Day my networks have been sharing a menagerie of new-to-me inspirational quoted gems from current powerhouse voices and I am EATING THEM UP…as I do…and there is one in particular of recent, that really stuck on impact…it reads:
“Suffering is universal. But victimhood is optional.”

The Detective Perspective: introduction to Detective Stu Gillett (retired)

His name is Stu Gillett and before his official retirement in 2013 he spent 34 years in law enforcement. Stu and I initially met under intense circumstances when my fresh and promising journalism career path crossed his well-established policing career path and, to this day I can still vividly sense and feel all that surrounded our impactful first connection. It was the day that set the tone for my life’s future direction.